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Home loan is a secured loan acquired from Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies to purchase your dream home. Don’t make your Landlord rich, Invest in your own home with Home Loan. Not enough space for your growing family, Get a larger Home with a Home Loan.

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1. Purpose

One may choose to opt for Home Loan for: Purchasing a Residential Property/Plot, Renovation or Extension of Home.

2. Choose your amount

The amount of loan offered is up to 100% of the registry value of the property. It depends upon client credibility and varies from bank to bank as per their norms.

3. Enjoy the best rates

Rate of Interest (ROI) ranges from 8.35% per annum onwards.

4. Decide your tenure

Choice of tenure is up to 30 years.

HOME LOAN - Eligibility

It is available to Salaried, Self-employed Individuals, Institutions, Trusts, Partnership Firms, Public Sector and Private Sector.


Maximum age of applicant at Loan maturity: 60 years


Depends upon amount of Loan required, Annual ITR filed and already existing liability

Credit Rating

Applicant should have the bank specified credit score.

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